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David Sier

Te Aroha Light

Te Aroha Light

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Wooden Lamp Shade


These lamps were inspired by a small flower that we found on-the small island of Coochimudlo off the Queensland coast.

The plant that this pretty little flower grows on is the Bruguiera Gymnorhiza more commonly known as the Orange Mangrove.

Size: 370mm at it widest point x 420mm tall

David Sier lighting is designed and made in New Zealand. With-inspiration which has come from working around large Boeing and Airbus aircraft for nearly all of his working life, David finds that there is a real beauty, grace and symmetry in the wings and engines, certainly of today's-more aerodynamically sophisticated aircraft.
Inspiration can also come from nature as well, and his lamp 'Te Aroha' was inspired by the-flower of the Orange Mangrove which he found on a beach in Queensland back in 2016.
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