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Life Is Ibiza: People Houses Life

Life Is Ibiza: People Houses Life

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Hard Cover

The world of Fashion & Beauty holds no secrets for Anne Poelmans. She was head stylist of the Belgian edition of-Elle-magazine for eight years, coordinated the-Elle-website for three years, collaborated with the Belgian edition of-Vogue, and is now a freelance fashion & beauty director. She has carried over her passions into her beauty web

As a child, Anne grew up in Ibiza, which explains her special connection with the island. Her love of Ibiza is so great (and sharing is caring) that she also shares some splendid hot spots through gorgeous pictures.

Careful, though: this visually stimulating book will very likely make you want to visit the island. It radiates a summer vibe through its images of the interiors so beautiful, architectural feats so impressive, and bays so blue you will actually think you are there. Fine taste bundled into more than 200 pages of fun!

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