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Tom Vandenberghe

Hanoi Street Food: Cooking & Travelling in Vietnam

Hanoi Street Food: Cooking & Travelling in Vietnam

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Most people go to Hanoi to enjoy the food. And in Hanoi, street food is not merely a quaint or exotic culinary excursion - it is at the heart of the culinary tradition and helps to define the culture and rhythm of the city. However, while dining on the street may sound tempting and adventurous to visitors, it can also be intimidating. The aim of this book is to demystify Hanoi's glorious street food culture. Hanoi Street Food does not only provide you with the places to eat but also with recipes for Vietnamese delicacies such as the Pho but also with other noodle dishes that stand out, but which are not as easily found as the Bun Cha or the Bun Rieu.

Each section describes a range of dishes within a particular category. Following each description, the authors guide you to some of their favourite spots where you can try these snacks.

  • Paperback
  • 207 pages
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