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The Olfactory  Deluxe Giftbox
The Olfactory  Deluxe Giftbox
The Olfactory  Deluxe Giftbox

The Olfactory Deluxe Giftbox

The Olfactory

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Pure luxurious indulgence. A sleek 15ml glass atomiser featuring each perfume from the Trinity collection. One sustainable bamboo case to protect the perfume currently in use while the others remain safe in the box. 

NO. 1
This fragrance is heady and playful. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are the heart of this perfume. Creamy Sandalwood brings a calm, grounding element to the scent, while Pink Grapefruit opens the mind to new possibilities. Black Pepper adds a touch of intrigue. This scent is empowering and affirming and helps you get a move on when life feels stuck.

NO. 2
A spicy, complex scent that oozes unabashed sensuality as rich notes of Oudh and Cedarwood create an emanating warmth. Osmanthus and Vetiver strike a syrupy balance between caramel and wood. Then to top it off, a lively sprinkle of Lemongrass and Angelica seed. This scent is designed to promote physical and emotional intimacy. It is layered with aphrodisiacs.

NO. 3
A fresh and lively fragrance to relieve anxiety, assist moodswings and restore the soul. Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon and Lime clear the air, while a base of Violet Leaf and Orris Butter bring a relaxed and soothing readiness for change.