Mini Wool Blankets

Donna Wilson


Blah Blah Mini Blanket

100% lambswool, knitted in Scotland. Perfect for a baby, or to keep your knees cosy!

95cm x 62cm


Boat Mini Blanket

Knitted in 100% soft lambswool in Scotland. Use this nautical style blanket to keep warm this Winter! 72cm x 70cm


Hofdi Mini Blanket

100% soft lambswool, knitted in Scotland. Our bold Icelandic pattern Mini Blanket is bound to cheer you up on a cold day! Available in two colourways: Mustard/Pink and Blue/Orange.

78cm x 76cm


Rainy Day Mini Blanket

knitted in 100% soft lambswool.  Perfect for a baby or keeping your knees cosy!

95cm x 62cm


Lambswool Comb

Take care of your wooly blankets and cushions with the lambswool comb, defuzzes the bobbly bits by combing lightly over with the wire mesh comb!


If product is not in stock, lead time is 12-14 weeks

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