Crystal Bulb

Lee Broom


Designed by Lee Broom

Lee Broom's Crystal bulb lights launched in Milan in early 2012, each bulb is hand blown and is then cut with the classic crystal pattern. Lee has collaborated with Cumbria Crystal the sole remaining producer of hand-made English full lead crystal in the UK. The bulbs have an LED bulb inside which can be replaced, you can buy ether the bulb or the complete set which consists of the bulb and a brushed brass pendant fitting which comes with a gold silk flex and brushed brass ceiling rose engraved with the Lee Broom Crest.


Single bulbs and bulb sets, incl brass ceiling rose, pendant and gold flex cord, are available to purchase.

The full decanter collection is also available to order. 


If product is not in stock, lead time is 12 to 14 weeks.

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