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Concrete Holder with Side Track Chord LED Set

Concrete Holder with Side Track Chord LED Set

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LED is the most energy-efficient light source and the light of the future. This LED Pendant casts a beautiful light reflection through the clear glass globe, that is included. 

This decorative lighting uses a built-in LED driver. As the driver only uses 1W and has a life expectancy of 20 000h, this will for sure be one of the most energy efficient and long lasting light sources in any house hold. The rough concrete emphasizes the elegant reflections of the glass bulb.

This socket is hand made in natural concrete and every piece is made to be unique. The finish will vary and give each lamp holder their own personality.


Comes as a all-in-one set

Includes LED and Glass Globe

Material: Concrete 

Cord: 3m, SKK 2x0, 75 H03VV-F

Other colours:

NUD chords are available in 50 colours, all of which are available to order. Available on order at no extra cost. For more information, contact us.


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